Beauty in Simplicity

This editorial was in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jamal and I attended Monsoleil's Inspired Retreat to learn about the photography business and how to be the best version of ourselves so we can better serve our clients. It was a great week-long retreat with Marissa Morrison, a Fine art wedding photographer, of Mon Soleil as the host. The retreat was produced and styled by Carrie Moe, the owner of Type A Society.

Not only were we able to participate in some beautiful high-end editorial styled shoots, but we were also able to connect with what our greater purpose was, get inspired, and always look through our lens with love. Love not only for our clients but love for ourselves. It is important for Jamal and I do know that we should never stop learning and never stop growing. A group of photographers came together, and put their egos and pride aside, to celebrate our uniqueness and learn from one another. It was definitely a day we will never forget.

Utah Salt Flats Exploring Gods Light.


September 17, 2020