November 13, 2022

Only $284 !

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

At The Vault Event Center

36506 Oak Plaza Ave, Prairieville, LA 70769

20 Min session with Khrystina Steib

12 Web Images for social media

30 day Online Gallery for downloading,

viewing, and sharing your gallery

Your own personal gallery store

Complementary Customized Family CALENDAR!

$30 for each high-resolution photo

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Celebrate your Legacy

Documenting beautiful

portraits for your entire family!

These portraits are perfect for your gallery wall, preserving your family's matriarchs and creating a tradition for your children and all the generations afterward.



Mini sessions packs an incredible value. These sessions are short and sweet! You will have a fun and efficient photo session with my years of experience and advanced knowledge in posing and lighting. Carving out time each year is the best thing you can do. Many of these sessions have become an annual tradition for most families, so they sell out fast.

I often think about how much my kids have grown. I have a three and a five-year-old. Having professional photos that accurately show the growth of our children through the years means so much to me. We all have families and friends that play a role in our lives. Especially the older members of our families, anytime you can photograph them when they are feeling their best in a beautiful professional way, do it!


Classic Timeless Backgrounds

Every year, we work hard to create cohesive and timeless backdrops. They will have a level of consistency year-round. Why is this a good thing? You can add to your gallery wall every year. Not only can your photos document your legacy, but they can be a fantastic art installment in your home.


Quick and Easy

These mini-sessions are designed to reduce the stress of photo sessions for those who prefer a quick and efficient family photo session. Come dressed, and we will take care of the rest. These sessions will be completed in as little as 20min.



The saying is true; children grow so fast. The same can be said for our grandparents and the elderly in the family. I think it is so important to have a recent photo of your family members. Making these sessions an annual event is a small investment in preserving your legacy.


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