wise woman project

I'm offering a special promotional package

for this project, just $225

($700 total value).


We will have a planning session on what to wear, best ways to prepare for your session, and wardrobe suggestions to achieve the look you want. We will discuss how you would like to be photographed as well.


We work with a highly professional licensed makeup artist for our clients. they are skilled to work with all skin tones as well as achieving the perfect look. We can go glam or soft glam, whatever fits your style.


We will give you an expertly guided magazine style photoshoot with three looks. You will be a cover girl for a day! This shoot is to showcase your beauty. It is my job to keep you relaxed, pose you in the most flattering way, and give you confidence that you are beautiful.


We will schedule a time for you to come back and view your portraits or schedule a zoom meeting to view your portraits. Usually around two weeks after your session.


You will receive one portrait, selected by you, in both print and digital formats ($225 value). You will have the option to purchase more images but are under no obligation to do so. Our images begin at $225 and our packages begin at $1800.

Admission to Portrait Exhibition and/or Inclusion in Printed Publication and mini documentary film of the project.

At the conclusion of this project, I will host an exhibition and/or produce a publication featuring a portrait of each 30+ woman who participated. Your story will be highlighted and your wisdom will be preserved.


We will conduct a small interview asking you two questions

What word of encouragement would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

How has your future self evolve based on your experiences now?

We will have a professional videographer on set to conduct these interviews.