2021 Family photo schedule announcement

September 10, 2021

Can you really believe that the fall season is among us? Let's hope we get some relief from this hot summer so we can start to take out our cute cardigans, scarf's and boots. I know that fall is a busy time of year for all of us, so throwing in a fall session is my bad on my part. It's the photographer in me. Having photos of your loved ones is more important now that it has ever been in my lifetime. So bare with me with this offer, it's my professional recommendation that we all have updated family photos to grace your home. We aim to make family photos a fun time of the year, a tradition, something you would look forward to years to come. If they aren't fun for some, let's suck it up and do it for mama, or grandma, or whoever is running the show!

Due to the high demand for family sessions, this process will be the new normal on how we book our portrait series. The boudoir series is next!

I am announcing the dates that I’m opening for The Family Portrait Series today, the dates usually sell out quickly.  The weekend dates will go first, and then the September dates will go next because we all want to push this thing out as far as possible!  So, in order to get a prime spot you’ll have to do the following:

  • You will click the "BOOK MY WEEKDAY SESSION" button or "BOOK MY WEEKEND SESSION" button. I won’t accept DM’s… text messages… Facebook messages or telegraphs.  Following the instructions for booking will help make this process smooth for all of us.  Follow the instructions given and your date will be secured.
  • Your date is not fully secured until you have paid your invoice in full and you have signed the contract.
  • Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the shoot:

    What should we wear?

    I am here to help with any styling you may need. I tend to stick with a neutral pallet and muted tones. I refer clients to stay away from plaid, stripes, and distracting patterns. I want you to love your photos no matter what time of year it is. If you want to go full on Christmas theme, and have deer antlers and pajamas by all means go for it! but don’t hesitate to send me an email to help with styling!!

    What time of day will the shoot be booked?

    I have added the tentative time to each listing; however, as we approach daylight savings the times might adjust a bit!  I’d suggest having hair and makeup done an hour ahead of the time that you actually need to be finished so that there is wiggle room!

    How long will it take to get our photos back?

    This is a very busy time of year for us, but I would expect to give you your photos within two weeks of your session. If things get backed up a bit I will communicate with you. You will get your photos before the end of November for sure.

    Where will the shoot be located?

    You get to choose where you’d like to shoot, but I help you in this process!!  Don’t forget that you could choose to use your home if it has pretty light!!  If you insist on an outdoor location, it is your responsibly to plan a rainy day back up location for your session. I can also help with this option. Let's be real, we are in the South and the weather can be a bit unpredictable.

    What do I get with the session fee?

    You will receive a one-hour photo session at the location of your choosing (with my approval), an online viewing gallery, with the option to purchase prints and beautiful products for the Holiday. We have beautiful metal customized ornaments just come in as well! You will have this gallery for 1 year, and the rights to reproduce and distribute the images as you see fit.  You will receive between 50-75 jpeg images in your gallery.  The images are high resolution.

    Here we go!!! Remember first come first served. I will not hold.

    Monday, September 20th - 10:00am - $445

    Tuesday, September 21st - 3:00pm - $445

    Thursday, September 23rd - 3:00pm - $445

    Tuesday, September 28th - 3:00pm - $445

    Thursday, September 30th - 4:00pm - $445

    Friday, October 1st - 3:00pm - $445

    Friday, October 8th - 9:00am - $445

    Wednesday, October 13th - 4:00pm - $445

    Tuesday, October 19th - 4:00pm - $445

    Friday, October 22nd - 9:00am - $445

    Saturday, October 23rd - 10:00am - $575

    Monday, October 25th - 9:00am - $445

    Tuesday, October 26th - 4:00pm - $445

    Wednesday, October 27th - 4:00pm - $445

    Friday, October 29th - 4:00pm - $445

    Saturday, October 30th - 9:00am - $575

    Monday, November 1st - 9:00am - $445

    Tuesday, November 2nd - 4:00pm - $445

    Friday, November 5th - 3:00pm - $445

    Saturday, November 6th - 10:00am - $575

    Monday, November 8th - 9:00am - $445

    Wednesday, November 10th - 4:00pm - $445

    Friday, November 12th - 2:00pm - $445

    Saturday, November 13th - 9:00am - $575